“At the Doc’s Office” with Dr Benjamin Yim

Lauded by both men and women worldwide as the “Fruit of Eternal Youth” and propelled by a never-ending quest for a youthful look that belies one’s true age, Aesthetic Medicine has never been more popular than it is now in the 21st century.

With such strong demand and rapid advancement in this medical field, it definitely takes more than just sheer passion and perseverance to helm a successful aesthetic practice for more than 15 years.

The DocDoc team caught up with Dr Benjamin Yim, a locally and internationally respected Aesthetic Medicine Doctor, at his namesake practice Dr Benjamin Yim Aesthetic & Laser Centre to reminisce his budding years and meteoric rise after being cast into the public spotlight.

As the featured practitioner for popular local female magazine Her World’s first editorial on the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Skin Rejuvenation Treatment in 2001, you’ll definitely want to keep your eyes and ears peeled for Dr Yim’s video feature to glean some drops of wisdom on the field of aesthetics.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

What inspired you to pursue Aesthetic Medicine?

It all started with my father. He’s been in general practice for the last 40 years. During his time, he was well regarded by his peers and colleagues for minor surgeries and skin-related work.

What is a common misconception that patients who are looking to undergo aesthetic procedures have?

It is important for patients to understand that aesthetic medicine helps to enhance one’s natural beauty i.e. we don’t try to change too much of a person’s look. This is very important for my patients as they journey and age with us over the years.  They start to notice some changes in their face and come to us for help, asking to look 10 – 15 years younger. But there are limitations to some of these procedures and I try to help patients understand these through conversation.

How has your practice grown over the years?

We started off with a small practice across the road at Orchard Hotel Galleria with only one staff. I remember that it was very challenging at times and our breakthrough moment came when we invested in Vasculight, an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) system that is versatile and able to perform a lot of skin treatments. Shortly after, it was featured by a Her World editorial writer who underwent the treatment. The response from that was good and patients called in asking for all sorts of aesthetic treatments e.g. blemishes on their skin, fine lines and unwanted hair.

I then realised that there was a demand for such treatments, especially when performed in a medical setting. Since then, we’ve grown and reinvested into the practice, accumulating quite a good repertoire of equipment, upgrading our skills and growing our staff – and here we are today, a successful established practice in the field of aesthetic medicine 15 years later.

What is the secret to running a successful practice?

Basically, we work as a team. The culture we have here is all about teamwork. Everyone is just fantastic at what they do – my longest working staff of 14 years is still with me! I think that’s testament to what a strong family unit we’ve built up over here and I’d like to thank them for their unwavering support for the past 15 years.

What is your clinic’s philosophy?

We believe and want to make everybody happy by helping them feel good about themselves. I hope to reach out to people with simple solutions that are accessible, not too expensive and effective yet with little risk.

About Dr Benjamin Yim

Dr Benjamin YimAs one of the pioneers in Singapore to practice IPL Photo Rejuvenation, Dr Benjamin Yim’s armamentarium of minimally-invasive procedures has expanded to include cutting-edge services like Botox, skin fillers, peels, fat transfer, thermage, threadlifts and vaser liposuction, and fractional resurfacing via Mosaic laser. He also offers non-invasive body contouring treatments like Endermologie and Liposonix.

“At the Doc’s Office” with Dr Benjamin Yim

“At the Doc’s Office” With Dr SK Tan

Skin-Care-For-WomenWhether you’re a teen plagued with pimples or a grown-up scoffing at the first signs of wrinkles, it takes real dedication and hard work to win the good skin game. And, we don’t mean going crazy experimenting and piling on skincare products.

Work with a good aesthetician to hook you up with a quality skincare routine that is tailored to your individual skin condition. It might set you back a little in the financial department, but really, your skin will thank you for that investment. Need I also mention that you’ll feel naturally confident with clear and radiant skin? Ready to get schooled in skincare 101?

The DocDoc team rendezvoused with Dr SK Tan, an internationally acclaimed pioneer in the field of aesthetics, at his Innovative Dermatological Solutions (IDS) Clinic to suss out his personal skincare regime, skincare dos and don’ts, and busted some aesthetic treatment myths along the way. Revered as the “father of aesthetics” by some of his blogger fans, this is one feature you don’t want to miss out.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

What inspired you to pursue aesthetic dermatology?

I trained in dermatology in the 70s, where I worked in a hospital in London. I later practiced at a family practice back in Malaysia and Singapore, and I saw a lot of dermatological conditions, including acne. Also, a lot of parents, especially mothers, started asking me about their own aesthetic problems. So I think that was what set me off many years ago.

Do you have a personal skincare regimen?

I personally test all the products that we formulate, so my face is like a testing ground for products. But I do use vitamins C and A regularly, until I need to test products again, which is very often.

When it comes to skin solutions, what’s your patient-care approach?

I believe that vitamins C and A, especially when formulated properly, have very good benefits for the skin. So I have a regimen call C.A.R., where I use vitamin C, followed by vitamin A, and R stands for our proprietary rejuvenating complex – The C.A.R. regimen is actually something we’ve come up with. I think this addresses most of the problems faced by patients who come to see us.

How do you pit yourself against over-the-counter products?

We don’t pit ourselves against them. Over-the-counter skincare products only offer that much efficacy and we believe our unique and innovative products offer much more than that.

What’s the right age to embark on skincare?

I personally believe that the earlier you start off taking care of your skin, the better off you are; preventing problems from arising is much better than trying to treat the problem when it arises. Starting early is very important.

What are some common myths about aesthetic treatments that you’d like to bust?

The most common myth that I hear almost every day is that makeup, skincare and cosmetics clog up your pores – that’s totally untrue. The pores get clogged up by oil or sebum created by your skin and if any makeup or skincare causes whiteheads and blackheads, it’s really due to irritation from the product itself.

What are some skincare dos?

The most important thing that I would advise people to do is to apply sunscreens every day and reapply when they are out in the open.  I also see a lot of problems arising from delayed treatment of acne, so please do treat acne urgently to prevent scarring. Finally, I think consumers should be well-informed. They should do their due diligence and know exactly what they are doing to and putting on their skin.

What are some skincare don’ts?

I would urge people not switch from one brand to another, especially when they are not facing problems, because that is when you will run into them. The other thing is to also not be fooled by hype or swayed by what other people say – know exactly what you want and be confident in your choice. Finally, don’t rush into short term or quick fixes.

About Dr SK Tan

t200x200-1Dr SK Tan is an internationally-acclaimed pioneer in the aesthetics scene, whose passion has catapulted him to the forefront of aesthetic technologies and the cosmeceuticals industry in Asia. Prior to ringing the curtain up on his latest brainchild – IDS clinic – he had conceived and helmed several successful aesthetics clinics and skin care product lines in Asia.

“At the Doc’s Office” With Dr SK Tan

Physician Tan on the Healing Wisdom of Ancient China


To the everyday cappuccino-sipper, pill-popper, and microwave chef, the words “traditional” and “Chinese medicine” must have a mystic allure about them. They would conjure up images of bodies being poked and prodded, tea bags, dried herbs and small glass cups — a curious, raw world we’re quite alienated from.

To many of us “everyday” people, being recommended to consume lotus root as opposed to cough syrup is akin to…um… being asked to milk a cow than visit a grocery that sells flavoured milk. If you’re among “many of us,” it’s high time you opened your senses to the true goodness of traditional wisdom that encourages natural and holistic maintenance of health. Today, traditional Chinese medicine is an institutionalized healing system, standing tall and proud next to modern medical sciences, across the globe.

So, how does this ancient practice work? Traditional Chinese Medicine takes care of health holistically, and views your body as an integrated whole, as well as being connected to nature. Therefore, TCM sees a close connection between health and air, food, and environment and advocates that everyone is born with a self-healing ability.

Over the years, several myths and a limited understanding of its scope have unfortunately plagued traditional Chinese medicine.

According to Physician Tan Shiau Tse of Heritage® TCM Clinic, “Many people believe that though TCM is effective and safe, it takes a longer time to see results as the practice focuses on the root causes of the problem. However, this may not necessarily be true. In fact, TCM cures can be very fast if the illness is diagnosed accurately and treated accordingly.”

Think the wonders of Traditional Chinese Medicine can only be used to zap away your cold, cough, flu and body aches? Think again. TCM also has been proven useful for weight loss and anti-aging.

Physician Tan claims that TCM treats weight loss by targeting the root cause of the problem and hence is an effective way to address weight issues using acupuncture, Chinese herbs or cupping. These TCM methods help improve a person’s metabolism, curb excessive appetite, enhance breaking down of fat cells and get rid of water retention in the body. TCM can be used to complement a person’s weight-management programme that incorporates a regular exercise regimen and sensible diet.

As far as anti-aging goes, from a TCM standpoint, the outer appearance of a person is a reflection of the inner condition of his/her body. In other words for women to stay young, Physician Tan advises that they take proper care of their body by consuming sufficient nourishment, balancing the yin and yang of the body, keeping the body well-hydrated and keeping away from unnecessary emotional stress. She also recommends certain TCM herbs that have anti-aging properties such as green tea, Chinese wolfberries and Ginseng.

All in all, traditional Chinese medicine is a healing system based on checks and balances and offers the most powerful journey of reclaiming the body, mind and spirit throughout life. The natural way, of course.

And that is why Heritage® TCM Clinic proudly sports, “Keep your life in balance” as its motto.

Watch DocDoc’s full interview with Physician Tan Shiau in the video below.

Physician Tan on the Healing Wisdom of Ancient China

DocDoc’s Named Among 20 Hottest Startups To Watch in 2014

Early this year we were named among Singapore’s biggest up-and-comers by Singapore Business Review, a popular industry magazine serving Singapore’s dynamic business community. Getting through the rigourous multi-level filtering process of industry watchers is nothing short of a “let’s clap our hands and keep walking together” moment for any hard-working team. We were no different. We stuffed ourselves with pizza and bread sticks and asked, “Ok, so what’s next?”



DocDoc’s Named Among 20 Hottest Startups To Watch in 2014

Are You Smiling Enough, Buddy?

Screenshot 2014-04-07 12.58.43.png

Your smile’s your prettiest feature. Why hide it? According to the comedian Phyllis Diller, “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” And we bet you couldn’t agree more. If you’re waking up to neglected teeth, then you know exactly what to do. You just have to get down to it.

Don’t hold back from seeing a dentist.
Don’t hold back from flashing your best self.
After all, the world needs more smiles! 🙂

Dental checkups — love ’em or hate ’em, you can’t ignore ’em. Besides making you look and feel confident, good oral health is a window to your overall health. DocDoc recently chatted up Dr Burlinson and Dr Daniel Chan to sponge up information about dental care that we deemed relevant to our lovely subscribers.

According to Dr Daniel Chan, placing braces on your teeth is the most fundamental cosmetic dental procedure, as having straighter teeth not only makes you look more confident but contributes to ease of dental maintenance. Watch his full interview below, where he also busts some popular dental myths and talks about overcoming halitosis (bad breath)!

According to Dr Graeme Burlinson, an important tip to remember is that it doesn’t really matter which brand of toothpaste you use as long as it’s got fluoride and is suitable for your age group.Watch his full interview below, where he also demonstrates the correct brushing technique and talks about his favourite celebrity smiles and top cosmetic procedures.

Did you know you could eat your way to better looking teeth? No, really!

You’re keeping up with the usual routine of brushing, flossing and visiting the dentist twice a year to keep your pearlies in good condition alright (you are,righht??), but did you know you could eat your way to better looking teeth?

According to Dr Burlinson, foods such as apple, celery, carrot and cheese help fend off plaque, periodontal disease and even gingivitis. So, the good ol’ ‘you are what you eat‘ adage holds good for your teeth and gums as well.


Are You Smiling Enough, Buddy?