How Important is Your Sleep?

Contrary to popular belief, sleep is more than just a period of inactivity. While you are sleeping, cognitive mechanisms occur in your brain, facilitating memory and learning, both of which are important for task performance.

Many people tend to underestimate the value of sleep, sleeping less than needed. Being sleep deprived has several repercussions such as loss of concentration, slower response and risky decision making. It also adversely affects our emotional wellbeing, causing us to be more easily irritable or depressed.

It may be tempting to replenish lost sleep simply by sleeping longer on the weekends, but this may not fully restore energy in your body and definitely does not make up for  the impaired performance suffered in the past week.

What is considered good sleep?

You have had good sleep if you wake up feeling refreshed and not constantly lethargic in the afternoon. The quantity and quality of sleep will determine how well rested you are.  The following page provides some suggestions on how you can improve your sleep.


How Important is Your Sleep?

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