Meet Benjamin Yang, Head of Partner Management at DocDoc

After 7 years of lecturing at Singapore Polytechnic, Benjamin took the unbeaten path and joined DocDoc as Partner Manager.

Prior to joining DocDoc, Benjamin had years of deep experience, both as a researcher and lecturer in molecular medicine and clinical trials, under his belt. This week, we find out more about his prior experience as a researcher and lecturer, his keen interest in molecular biology and how years of teaching teenagers has prepared him well for this current role as Partner Manager.

Partner Manager DoctorPage

Tell us more about your career prior to joining DocDoc.

I have always had a deep interest in microbiological research; Being with the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology(IMCB) for 4 years, I was involved in projects around Candida Epidemiology, Pathogenicity and Drug Sensitivity, and was given the opportunity to collaborate with 4 major public hospitals in Singapore.  Thereafter, I started my teaching career at Singapore Polytechnic as a lecturer teaching mainly Biomedical students.

You were featured in The New Paper on your passion to teach. Tell us what was the inspiration behind that passion.

When I was studying in Bristol, I discovered the classes were really interesting and interactive – that inspired me to want to inject the same level of excitement into Singapore’s education system, and it has since been my passion to use creative and interactive strategies to help students learn theory and apply them.

During the 7 years, you made a transition into teaching entrepreneurial modules. Share with us more about that experience. 

The experience was awesome, and I remember the proudest moment I had was when I taught in a module called Idea Design and Entrepreneurship in Action. I challenged my students to creatively create business ideas and execute them within 2 days. Each group was given $5 seed money, but they returned with over $900 in total– an accomplishment that surprised them as well.

It was a great feeling inspiring and helping my students see that there are many alternative routes in life and everyone can choose a route that is unique for himself.

What motivated you to join DocDoc as partner manager? 

After 7 years teaching in Singapore Polytechnic, I achieved the goals that I had set out for myself as a lecturer. I decided that it was time for me to venture beyond teaching. Teaching Idea Design and Entrepreneurship got me infected with excitement, and wanting to explore the startup scene. And so I set out to look for a fast paced startup, with passionate founders, and the potential to internationalize to other markets – that’s when I found DocDoc, which was a perfect match for me.

As partner manager at DocDoc, how has your experience been so far?

Partner Manager DoctorPage

I enjoy dropping visits to the doctors and dentists. Building relationships with our doctors and dentists is unique to DocDoc, and I find that it is through these visits that I learn how DocDoc can provide a better service for doctors and dentists. These insights are then provided as feedback to our marketing and product development efforts. Similar to how I get an adrenaline rush helping my students, I find meaning in being able to provide a better service to our doctors and dentists as well.

Meet Benjamin Yang, Head of Partner Management at DocDoc

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