Braces 101 – All You Need to Know About Teeth Straightening


No history in dentistry has more progress been made in the way our teeth are straightened. The original fears of pain and concerns over unsightly looks have been addressed.

Patients today are spoilt for choice on the method they can choose to straighten their teeth. We provide some optons that are currently available to ensure a smooth and pleasant treatment option for teeth straightening.

Metal Braces – Treatment using metal braces is the most common and least expensive choice. Even though metal braces can be very visible, the metal brackets of today have undergone many design changes for a more presentable look. Wearing metal braces, now no longer mean you will feel awkward when smiling.

Ceramic Braces – At present, this is the most favored option among adult patients. A growing number of students are taking up this option as well. Its popularity is attributed to how the braces are designed to completely camouflage with the teeth, such that only the wire is visible. Moreover, the ligatures (tiny rubber bands) that hold the arch wire on to the ceramic brackets are often white or clear. The cost of ceramic braces may however be slightly more expensive than metal braces.

Simpliclear Brackets – This is a new concept of blending brackets and wire with the teeth. The technology for developing and producing aesthetic wires was mooted and developed by a Singapore-based company, and is gradually increasing its popularity among various countries.

Dentist Singapore

Lingual Brackets – These set of braces are bonded behind the teeth, and also hence the term “invisible braces”. The activation of the wires are also done out of the view, making this treatment ideal for patients requiring an unsightly apparatus on their teeth.

Invisalign – This is a new concept of teeth straightening with the use of pre-fabricated clear retainers instead of orthodontic brackets. WIth the aid of computer simulation, the set of pre-fabricated retainers are worn at varying intervals, each designed to move specific teeth into position. However, these new technique of teeth straightening come at a higher cost.

With technology advancements, it is also now possible to align the front set of teeth in one visit. The process is fairly simple through the use of composite veneers. These pre-fabricated veneers can be bonded onto the teeth as a chairside procedure, and in one visit the patient can walk out of the dentist’s room with a new look. This procedure is also painless and costs much lesser than porcelain veneers, making it a great alternative for patients who are averse to wearing braces for two years, or are not able to find the time for other treatment options.

000094 Dr Siva Rajendram (0) Profile pictureToday’s guest post on Braces 101 is by Dr Siva Rajendram, Dentist, who offers a wide range of dental treatments including scaling and polishing, crown and bridgework, teeth straightening, denture fitting, root canal therapy and oral surgery.

Dr Rajendram is known to keep abreast with the latest developments in dental practice and uses only the most advanced techniques to ensure a painless experience for his patients.

Braces 101 – All You Need to Know About Teeth Straightening

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