“At the Doc’s Office” with TCM Physician Elyane Lau

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has a history of more than 3000 years, representing an accumulation of the ancient Chinese people’s medical experiences in their struggle against diseases.

With more research being done, and greater worldwide enthusiasm in natural products and holistic healing, TCM is increasingly recognised as a viable form of alternative medicine in other parts of the world. Through the use of its therapeutic modalities, TCM stimulates the body’s own healing mechanisms, thereby boosting body immunity and enhancing internal harmony.

At DocDoc we were privileged to interview TCM practitioner, Physician Elyane Lau Siew Yee from HongYi TCM Healthcare, as she shared with us about the touted benefits of this traditional medical system and what her outfit has to offer.

Her passion for TCM was evident in the short interview that ensued. Watch it here:

Set up in a humble shophouse at Tanjong Pagar Road, the warmth and simplicity of the decor endeared it to us. The walls adorned with medical charts in Mandarin and wall racks with bottles of bee pollen and other herbal medicines lent an intriguing allure.

During the interview, Physician Lau was kind enough to give us a pulse diagnosis.  According to her, Chinese pulse diagnosis is an extremely important diagnostic tool which gives the doctor an indication of the overall constitution of a person. “This is why our pulse reading is much longer than that of a western practice,” she said.

And here’s a transcript of the video interview:

How did you become interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine?

I’ve always been interested in promoting Chinese culture. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a great reflection of our rich culture, in all its goodness. This coupled with my passion to help people become better, made me take up this field.        

In what ways is TCM different from western views on health?

Western medicine uses a microscopic understanding of diseases. In Western medicine, the immediate causes of diseases maybe viruses, bacteria etc. On the other hand, Chinese medicine uses a macroscopic understanding, which allows for a more holistic and preventive approach. We believe in healing human beings and not in treating diseases per se. At the core of TCM is a belief that the body, mind and spirit are interrelated and that restoring balance is essential to health.

Can you explain the concept of meridian in TCM?

Meridians are built-in pathways or channels for the energy to flow through the whole body. Understanding the meridian system is essential for preventive care, self-maintenance and self-healing.

What are some conditions that can be cured by TCM?

TCM helps relive insomnia, migraine headaches, stiff necks and stiff shoulders etc. And as I mentioned before, it is also very useful in preventive care and post-disease maintenance. TCM treats conditions/diseases from its root cause. And that is why some people believe that TCM is slower in action, which is not necessarily the case. Sometimes you can get better faster with TCM than you would with Western drugs.

What are some special TCM treatments offered by your practice?

We prescribe medicines and specialise in spinal Tui Na and acupuncture.

Lau Siew Yee Elyane TCM‘At the Doctor’s Office’ with Physician Elyane Lau is an initiative proudly brought to you by DoctorPage Team. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel today for even more health tips and facts! 

Physician Elyane Lau has been a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner since 2008 and has a wide range of knowledge, expertise and excellent skills in patient diagnosis.

She provides an array of diagnostic and treatment services for alleviating physiological conditions and general health maintenance via application of traditional Chinese meridian theory. She has also been involved in TCM education through organising paid workshops and public talks to sensitize people on meridian therapy as a new, holistic approach to healing and preventive care.

About “At the Doc’s Office”

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“At the Doc’s Office” with TCM Physician Elyane Lau

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