“At the Doc’s Office” With Dr. Sanjay Nalachandran

Next time you go to a shoe store, you may want to steer clear of the glamorous high heels section. What a dampener for you fashionistas, I know!

But by making such small lifestyle and fashion changes you could help reduce the risk of getting varicose veins. For the uninitiated, varicose veins (say: vair-uh-kose) are swollen and enlarged veins that look like illegible spidery scrawls sitting on top of the skin.

Besides being aesthetically irksome, they cause a lot of pain and discomfort from time to time.  Here’s a saddening statistic: About 3 in 10 adults develop varicose veins at some time in their life.

If you have these unsightly veins spread over parts of your body like your MRT map, you may have to book an appointment with a vascular medicine specialist or vascular surgeon. These are doctors who specialize in blood vessel conditions.

The DocDoc team had an appointment recently with Dr.Sanjay Nalachandran, a reputed vascular surgeon from Vein and General Surgery Clinic. And thankfully, not because any of us had to get treated for varicose veins.

Besides exuding composure and eloquence, Dr. Sanjay amused us with some funny quips during the interview process that we had been asked to exclude from the final video cut.

Besides his specialty, he spoke about the challenges of his profession and how he liked to unwind during weekends. As he expounded on the causes and symptoms of varicose veins, we gradually uncrossed our legs.

Here’s the video transcript of the interview:

Q1 – Why did you get interested in specializing as a vein surgeon?

I decided to take up this specialty for two basic reasons. Firstly because of a  great mentor by the name of Dr. Alexander who sadly passed on during SARS. He was instrumental in giving me the foundation and inspired me to go into vascular surgery. Secondly, I wanted to have the ability to make a difference to the lives of patients.

Q2 – What are some of the treatments that you offer?

As for surgery, the services rendered by my clinic span from simple operations like procedures for appendicitis, piles, hernia, gall bladder, and right up to treatments for colon diseases or cancer-related conditions.

Q3 – When and who should be worried about varicose veins?

When they become symptomatic. If these varicose veins start giving symptoms like dull aches, heaviness or tightness in calves or even symptoms like eczema, dark areas on the lower part of the legs, that’s when you should seek medical advice.

Q4 – What are some hobbies and leisure activities you make time for?

I enjoy sports or outdoor activities. I like all racquet sports like squash, badminton and tennis. Besides that, in my free time I would prefer watching a movie, reading a book or spending time with family or friends.

Q5-What advice would you give students who wish to take up your specialisation?

It’s a true calling. Training even as an undergraduate is long and arduous. You need to be compassionate, determined and sure if this is what you want to do. If you’re not, you should consider law.

Q6- Could you give us some merits of being a surgeon?

The most important positive is the ability to be in a position to make a huge impact on a patient’s life. The other positive would be that it is a very financially stable occupation and that there is also an element of social status attached to this profession.

The job was finished in the span of an hour. The interview and filming process was all fun and games what with the unintentional — and some intentional– bloopers and the multiple retakes. At the end of it all, he claimed he had newfound respect for the acting profession.

About Dr. Sanjay Nalachandran

Dr-Sanjay-Nalachandran_100x100Dr. Sanjay Nalachandran is experienced in the management and treatment of common general surgical conditions, as well as emergency procedures. Trained in both traditional vascular surgery and endovascular surgery, Dr Sanjay is well versed with the latest stenting and angioplasty procedures in vascular surgery, and has expertise in laser techniques for varicose and spider veins. He is also trained in advanced laparoscopic surgery.  

About ‘At the Doc’s Office’

Tired of reading lengthy, mumbo-jumbo in the name of professional descriptions and other ‘whatevers’ on your doctor’s website?

We feel you! And that’s why DocDoc chooses to bring your doctors to life. To your YouTube screens! ‘At the Doc’s Office’ is an online video series, produced by your DocDoc team, presenting one-to-one interviews with doctors, for you to see and understand that there’s more to a doctor than his or her credentials list.

“At the Doc’s Office” With Dr. Sanjay Nalachandran

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