An Invitation to Gate-Crash Us

Hi there!

You heard us right! You can sashay into 64 B Boat Quay on Friday, May 17th where a young, crazily passionate group of 12 business brains toils away everyday to maintain Singapore’s premier online healthcare ecosystem.

What’s with the open-door party you ask? For the uninitiated, it’s the Walkabout Singapore season this coming Friday. Over 100 burgeoning startups have decided to allow people to barge in to their offices between 10:00 a.m.- 5:00pm for a city-wide open house.

An event that shines the spotlight on Singapore’s thriving start-up scene and DoctorPage not participating? Um..not possible!

It’s not everyday that you get to swing by one of Singapore’s successful startups and learn firsthand about the mad inner workings involved in creating, improving and maintaining its brainchild.  It’s the kind of access that ought to make you kick up your heels with glee.

Our doors will be open to people from all walks of life. You could be Iron Man, a curious tech-nut, a doctor, a rich potential investor, a passionate whack job who wants to work with us, or even a nomad who has nowhere to be on a Friday!

We’ll take you behind the curtains of a young and ambitious startup. Not only can you meet the dynamic minds running the wheels, you can also learn about the rollercoaster ride that we’ve had to ride, from the initial “eureka moment” to the point of coming into our own as Singapore’s biggest online healthcare portal.

With the overarching goal of revolutionizing Singapore’s online healthcare infrastructure, our days are filled with interesting, bleeding edge projects to work on, marketing initiatives to execute, sales leads to generate, doctor appointments to fill and performance data to geek out. We get through them unfazed, thanks to the flexible, fun and anti-bureaucratic environment we’re a part of.

So do drop by, meet us, talk to us, flirt with us and we’ll make sure you don’t wish you could’ve been elsewhere but here.

We’ll see you folks on Friday. And ugh…please don’t suit up!

For more details on Walkabout Singapore check out :



An Invitation to Gate-Crash Us

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