Got Our Very First Show On the Road

You’ve may have seen us online. You’ve may have googled us. You maybe one of our 37,000 Facebook fans. You may have booked an appointment to see your preferred doctor through us.But did you ever think Singapore’s largest online health portal would go the distance from the World Wide Web and come to see you in person?  Let alone be generous with exciting freebies?

Well we did.  On Friday, May 3rd, we sported our DoctorPage shirts and spirited selves at the Ngee Ann Polytechnic Alumni Clubhouse for our very first tradeshow.

When was the last time you woke up to go to grab a lazy lunch at your school canteen, only to have excited startup folks offering you free, guilt-free scoops of Soyato ice-cream, a pen, a dental goodie bag, a health privilege card, an adorable-looking USB stick and a chance to enter a raffle contest?

The expressions on the passers-by were as if to suggest : “ Hang on! Are you seriously giving us all this for free? Either you people are a little crazy or there’s a catch somewhere?”

All we took was 20 seconds of their time to briefly introduce our portal to them. And as a polite invitation to join our growing healthcare community and participate in future public talks, we sought their names and email ids.The day was not without childish guffaws and nutty tactics from our end. When the incoming traffic to the clubhouse started to thin, we decided to go out and attract more crowd. We initially thought of roaming around with a sign that read “Come visit us our DoctorPage booth!”

But then we decided we could do better than that:


And we succeeded alright! Swarms of excited students and staff members showed up from here, there and nowhere. The roadshow took the form of a carnival. We met a huge range of interesting people from all walks of life. There was one person who came in just to learn about our portal and team. Not for the ice-cream or the goodies! Sigh, it was an overwhelmingly touching moment for us!

20130503_160434 2013-05-10_NAA Cropped

8 hours and 200 leads later, we decided to wind up. It was a long day but we left with the satisfaction that we got 200 young, enthusiastic people on board Singapore’s largest online health portal and community where their healthcare needs can be streamlined.

These tech-savvy young folks and working professionals are Singapore’s today and tomorrow after all.  And the Internet will soon be a primary interaction point for people’s healthcare needs.  We’re glad we did our bit to sensitise them about the paradigm shift we’ve brought about in terms of online healthcare innovation.

We’re looking to grace the premises of several tertiary institutions with our presence.  If you belong to a tertiary institution and just went “Hellsyeah!” then do invite us over. Don’t wait for christmas! Drop us a hello

Got Our Very First Show On the Road

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