Put Your Best Face Forward

Coco Chanel once said, “You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life.” You’ve got to love Coco for her attitude, grace and her compulsive need to reinvent herself. We don’t have Chanel’s riches and her exotic collections (excuse the “no shit Sherlock” moment) but we do deserve to pamper ourselves and put our beautiful selves forward in the best possible ways we can. Not everyone’s won the genetic lottery. Not everyone wakes up to the mirror, feeling like a beauty ninja, all revved up to make Singapore’s female demographic drown in the sea of insecurity.
Looking beautiful is hard work. The swashbuckling, half-naked models you see on covers are products of aesthetics meeting craftsmanship, silicone, hours of gym time, rigorous beauty routines , bird poop facials, and Photoshop CS7.
If you want to look exactly as you have been born, that’s great. Here’s a slow, dramatic applause for you. But if you’re the type who’d rather send his/her nose, jaw,cheeks and breasts to the land of no return, then medical aesthetics is a god-send.
The aesthetics field has made considerable headway in Singapore with scores of people flocking to aesthetic doctors for “lunch-hour fixes.” You walk in looking like Khloe Kardashian and walk out looking like Kim Kardashian. Fine, fine we’re exaggerating to prove a point.

Desktop10One such aesthetic practice you can walk into to get that coveted transformation is Dr Tiffiny Yang‘s. She’s a beauty queen-cum-aesthetics practitioner– and boy does she look the part! Her clinic boasts an impressive menu ranging from laser & IPL , to botox, medications, and fillers. According to Dr Tiffiny Yang, ” Beauty is my passion as a personal challenge.” In keeping with that maxim, she brings out the best in her and her clients.The DocDoc team chatted her up last month to learn more about her and her practice.

What attracted you to aesthetic medicine?

Beauty is my passion as a personal challenge.

What’s the most frequently performed procedure these days?

V-shaped face slimming, followed by nose fillers and laser treatments for acne scars.

Do you see men increasingly coming to your consultation room?

 Yes, interestingly enough, about 20-30% of my clientele are men.

What’s the difference between laser and IPL?     

Both are light-based therapies but lasers have a more specific target. Laser treatment for pigmentation removal targets the pigment to remove it, whereas IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is more non-specific and targets everything in its path.

Who’s your favourite beauty icon?

Vivian Chow. 不老的传说 ( She never seems to age).

Now, scientific advances may may or may not make you look like a Vivian Chow , but you can definitely look your natural best. Book an appointment today with Dr Tiffiny Yang. Put your best face forward this season. If you’re an aesthetic virgin, fret not! Drop us a question here. Our panel of aesthetic doctors will tend to them — however ridiculous they may be.

Your thoughts on an inside-out approach to beauty and wellness?

Health and beauty should be integrated. It’s hard to be beautiful without being healthy. Sleep well, eat well, have enough fruits and vegetables. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Keep good hydration and do think about supplements.

What’s the best age to start thinking about anti-aging aesthetic treatments?

I would say about now. Best time is to start at whatever age you are.

Could you share some of your secrets to winning a beauty pageant?

Confidence is very important. It’s half the battle won. When I was preparing for the beauty pageant I had to eat, sleep, breathe “beauty pageant.”

Could you elaborate on what signature packages your practice has to offer?

The most popular package is the V-shape face slimming which actually includes botox jaw sliming and chin fillers to achieve the ideal almond-shaped face


Put Your Best Face Forward

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