Anna Shares Her DocDoc Experience. Do Your Share!

We’re not Lady Gaga! But hello..we’ve got fans too. In keeping with our motto “Empowering Care.Transforming Lives”, we provide an awesome free service that’s transforming health care into a one-click experience. We’re at your beck and call for all your doctor appointment needs. Heck, we can even help you fly to Korea to get your nose fixed and your breasts magically expanded. Using our service is as easy as falling off a log, really! One day someone belonging to the Asian diaspora decided we folks ought to know how DocDoc proved useful to her. Well, about time!

Anna has recently moved to Singapore from the States. One fine day, her back decided to bug the living daylights out of her. And as luck would have it, she chanced upon our DocDoc Facebook page (read: god-send). We’ve exhausted our bragging rights for the day, so we shall let her testimonial do the talking.


My First Visit to a Chiropractor! The Chiropractic Clinic in Bukit Timah in July 2013

I had my first visit with a chiropractor a few days ago, and wanted to share about the positive experience I had! It was at The Chiropractic Clinic in Bukit Timah, on 1 Fifth Ave. #04-01 in the Guthrie House building. (

Chiro clinic outside

I had redeemed the special offer on DocDoc’s Facebook page for a free consultation and 60 minute massage, which was an awesome opportunity to check out a new doctor! I was having some slight back issues from sleeping on a bad mattress, so this was very timely.

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 5.20.13 PM

Booking the appointment with DocDoc ( was very simple (and free!) – I just spoke to the Concierge @ 8670 6733, and she helped me find a good time that fit with my schedule. The clinic called me the day before my appointment to confirm, and I was all set to go!

chiro clinic - bryan chenWhen I got to the clinic a few minutes before my appointment, they knew I had been referred from DocDoc and the special offer that I was redeeming. The wait time to see the doctor was only a few short minutes, and I got a consultation from Dr. Bryan Chen, who was very friendly and knowledgeable. I found out that I probably have a crick in my neck, as well as some slight curvature in my spine, which would need X-rays and some treatment.

massage-210180After the 25-30 minute consultation with the doctor, I only waited a few minutes before getting the full body massage. It was actually my first full body massage experience, and it was amazing! The masseuse was a really nice lady who was strong and worked all parts of my body really thoroughly. My biggest problem areas were my shoulders and back, so she focused on those. The room was quiet and clean, and the ambience was so relaxing. I’ll definitely be back once I get my X-rays done for further treatment and more massages!


Thank you Anna for writing in to us. Though we’re not particularly glad that your back was driving you nuts, we’re happy it led you to us. Silver lining eh?

It’s heartwarming to wake up to mails that show us how we’ve empowered and touched people’s lives. What are you waiting for? Write to us and we’ll share your DocDoc experience to the world. Oh but for that, you’ll have to first book an appointment with a doctor of your choice –sorry for pointing out the obvious! We hope you’ll develop a love affair with our awesome service too!


Anna Shares Her DocDoc Experience. Do Your Share!

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