DocDoc “Tell Your Story” Contest D-Day

1003065_629440140422065_702804139_nNot everyone wakes up looking like a Victoria’s Secret Angel. No one’s perfect.

The quest for perfection and enduring beauty drives us all (and well, Apple). Paulo Coelho once said, “When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” And the “Tell Your Story” contest was rooted in that belief. But the contest was not for people struggling with bad hair days or the occasional zit. It was for people with “real” problems who were desperately looking to fix their crappy self-esteem with medical procedures. It was for people who cried to bed almost everyday and wished they magically woke up as someone different.

And who better to have as the “Tell Your Story” campaign’s spokesmodel than Qiu Qiu?! A lot of you are aware of Qiu Qiu’s recent plastic surgery makeover in Korea facilitated by DocDoc. If anyone could sell hope in an inspiring, “go get ’em, tiger” manner, it would have to be her, we decided.

Weekends were spent sifting through thousands of heart-rending entries that kept pouring in. One fine Monday morning, Jon, our CMO, walked in and abruptly exclaimed, “So many people need our help!!”

In a perfect world, we’d pay everyone S$5000, everyone would look like a million bucks and Miley Cyrus would NOT dance! But we didn’t exactly have the time for beautiful, utopian and collective dreams, what with 2000 entries to digest, analyse and sob about.

 In the days leading up to the D-Day, we finally settled on our finalists list. And Qiu Qiu was given the momentous task of choosing the most deserving candidate. The lifestyle & beauty blogger has been a tremendous inspiration to thousands of young women like her trying to triumph over insecurities. And last Saturday, she was given the power to make someone wake up to a better tomorrow. That’s huge!! Which is why she took on a myriad of  emotions.

She cried,  laughed, and panicked over the stories scattered on the table.And after several taxing hours of discussion and reviewing, she settled on …..Joyce!

What’s her story, you ask?

 Joyce S. is a 29-year-old woman living in Singapore who sent us a stomach-churning story about her 15-year battle with bulimia and the degenerative effect this has had on her health, including nearly all of her teeth having to be removed and reconstructive dental work required for her to have a healthy smile again. Qiu Qiu was moved by her struggle,  courage and will power to start anew with a smile.

We didn’t want to deprive Qiu Qiu of the joy of calling her up and telling her that her life wouldn’t be the same again. So we let her do the honours!

Pleasantly overwhelmed by the end of the whole “Tell Your Story” journey, Qiu Qiu thanked DocDoc and the contestants for partaking in an endeavour that aimed to deliver hope and transform lives.  She signed off with a cheery “Always look forward to a better you”.

And we couldn’t agree more.

P.S. The contest is still open for a second prize. So what’s stopping you folks? Go to :

DocDoc “Tell Your Story” Contest D-Day

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