Around this time last month, DocDoc mixed business with dining pleasure at a plush, elegant restaurant and made a wonderful, fun Friday evening out of it.


We managed to tick off almost everything in our post-event evaluation checklist. Almost.

DocDoc’s Checkist For a Successful Mixer Event

Culinary delights produced under the watchful eyes of a chef? Check

Good wine that would even appeal to wine slobs? Check

Cosy ambience? Check

Enthusiastic company? Check

Non-awkward, effective networking? Check

A couple of hearty, maniacal laughs? Check

Harlem Shake? No

(We steered clear of our typical Friday evening buffoonery that happens behind closed doors at the DocDoc den). clocked in almost a year ago with a mission to change the traditional paradigm of the doctor-patient relationship. And today, DocDoc has successfully earned its status as a household name among doctors and other healthcare providers. With new horizons ahead of us to navigate, our mixer event on the 6th of September couldn’t have come at a better time. The purpose of the event was three-fold:

a) To commemorate DocDoc and DoctorPage having joined forces

b) To heartily thank our friends in the healthcare space for their unstinting support in our odyssey towards better innovation and productivity in the healthcare sector

c) …and well to honour the glowing restaurant recommendation of a member of the DocDoc household. By virtue of being human, we’re all programmed with the “if there’s gooood food, I’ll be there” mentality after all.

The invitee list included healthcare professionals, healthcare marketers and well the DocDoc kinfolk of course. It was heartwarming to hear words of encouragement and praise for the human brains and creative authorities behind our burgeoning startup. There are faces and forces behind DocDoc, smart ones at that.Too bad we couldn’t get a photogenic group photo with semi-ridiculous poses. But the photographer managed to catch some of us in our candid glory. (Why, thank you, Chris!)

Desktop36 After an hour or so, Grace, our CEO , took center stage to thank everyone present for being part of DocDoc’s ambitious endeavour to make the most of the online healthcare innovation wave in Asia. She had everyone hanging on to her every word  as she animatedly spoke about exciting times ahead in terms of partnerships, product developments and service offerings.


Dr Dawn Soo, our COO, lifted the curtain on our upcoming neat CRM tool , that would serve to optimise online presence, communication & appointment scheduling , allowing for efficient practice management.Her tutorial presentation (along with the announcement of our free parking ticket giveaway) was greeted with a great response.

What ensued was a restoration of feasting, chattering and wine-devouring. The conversation topics ranged from Singapore’s healthcare landscape, DocDoc’s growth trajectory, user feedback, yacht trips and travel destinations to variants of “I don’t’ know what it is that I just ate but my stomach and I loved it.”


Several hours ticked by before the guests decided to bid adieu to a night of chilled-out revelry, conversations and free flow of wine and unpronounceable finger food.

Thank you invitees for coming down and adding elegance and frolic to the occasion. We promise this is just the first of many more fun DocDoc mixer evens to come. By being part of our burgeoning community and lending your support , you have instilled confidence in us to follow through on the mission we set ourselves : to transform lives by empowering healthcare.

Et merci beaucoup Chef! Thank you for the dash of elegance and dollops of yum , you treated our guests to.

P.S. We’ll see you all again.Soon.




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