“Tell Your Story” Contest Second Prize Winner

“Do we believe in giving second chances?”

That was the question ringing in our heads just as we were about to officially ring the curtain down on the “Tell Your Story Contest”. With all the stories that came pouring in , we had several “damn” moments. DocDoc is empowered to empower lives and that has always been an addictive sentiment.It seemed impossible to accept that only one deserving winner would get to go home with a grand cash prize.  And so, in a moment of wondrous unanimity we decided to extend the contest by two months and award a second prize worth S$499.

September and October came and went. They brought us a lot more stories…and a lot more love.

Let’s fast forward and cut to the “now” :  It’s the 1st of November and we now officially have a winner! We broke out the news to the most deserving candidate last week and boy was she thrilled!! So what’s her story, you ask?

Sarah of Singapore suffers from hyperhidrosis, a serious and embarrassing medical condition which causes her palms, underarms and feet to perspire excessively, almost all the time.

Her words to us: “Hyperhidrosis has impacted my work, my dating life and my self-confidence. I am very glad and grateful to have won S$500. I’ll use the money for my first consultation with a hospital to find out more on the course of treatment. I think everyone should know that all problems can be solved and all conditions can be cured or controlled if you take the steps towards it.”

Her compelling and emotional story moved us to bits and we felt conscientiously bound to say, “we’ve got a winner here everybody”, as we did for our first place winner, Joyce. Through her we hope to again instill upon people that with initiative, change is possible. Congrats Sarah!

As of today, our six-month “Tell Your Story” journey has officially come to an end. We hope to stay inspired and keep inspiring you all. Keep in touch and hold on to your love for us.

As we continue to reach milestones and touch lives, we’re growing more and more committed to living and breathing our motto “Empowering Care.Transforming Lives.”

Have a great weekend y’all!

“Tell Your Story” Contest Second Prize Winner

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