At the Doc’s Office With Dr Christopher Ng


A women’s voyage through her significant life milestones are worth chronicling. Right from her blossoming adolescence through her first career, first love, marriage, pregnancy, motherhood and beyond. There’s no doubt that women want to savour the journey with grace and beauty. But it’s up to them to make the most of their womanhood through awareness, initiative and copious amounts of self-love.

October is finally over, leaving in its wake some residual awareness on women’s health.We figured we’d round off October with an informative interview with a reputed OB/GYN doctor on matters that matter to today’s women.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 1.14.25 PMDr Christopher Ng‘s practice is a modern-day sanctuary for today’s women where most of her health and beauty needs are met under one sophisticated and warmhearted roof.

Here’s 6-minute guide to feeling good, looking good and doing good (for yourself).


Here are a few excerpts from the interview :

Q1– What are three most important tips for a healthy pregnancy?  

Don’t get stressed out. Unlike other other disciplines where you see a doctor because there’s something medically wrong with you, in the case of pregnancy you’re NOT, so basically don’t get stressed out. Try not to read too much on the internet. Sometimes, the internet comes out with a lot of negative things.

Listen to your body. Whether you’re tired and want to sleep, and/or have certain food cravings that happen at a certain time and you want food that you don’t normally eat, go ahead and do it. Why? Because that’s your body reacting to pregnancy.

The last tip would of course be to follow a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen.

If you stick to these golden rules , then you’ll more or less have not only a very stress-free pregnancy, but also a very enjoyable one rather than associating pregnancy with a difficult period wherein you have a lot of restrictions and worry.

I personally think women should look forward to pregnancy, embrace the journey and enjoy!

Q2– What are some ways  for women to optimise their reproductive capabilities? 

Firstly, follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen, because when you’re eating properly and exercising properly , your body is more or less primed to get pregnant. You should also start taking preconception multivitamins because according to studies they’re shown to lower risk of neural tube defects.The second thing would be regular intercourse. The more frequent the intercourse the higher the chances of conceiving. Also have intercourse during your fertile period. Most women know  when their fertile period is. That would be the best time to have regular intercourse.

Q3– Can a low sex drive be attributed to hormonal issues? 

Yes, women have some testosterone  and during their reproductive cycles women have lower testosterone levels and that can actually affect their sex drive. But don’t forget for women libido is not so much a physical thing, as it is an emotional one. At times,  if  women aren’t in the right state of mind, no matter how high her testosterone level is, she will not be wanting to have sex.

Q4- What are some positives and negatives to being on the pill? 

Let’s start with the positives. It is one of the most effective contraceptives, provided you take it properly.It also helps regulate your period and relieve cramps. So, women with irregular periods and/or painful heavy periods can benefit from being on the pill.These are short-term benefits.Long-term benefits include protection against ovarian and womb cancers. The thing about cancer of the ovaries is that even when after women stop taking the pill , the protection lasts for thirty years. The  longer you’ve been off the pill, the more your protection wanes. But there’s still some protection up to thirty years and studies have shown that.

Now over to the negatives. For women who go on the pill there’s a small increased risk of breast cancer.So women with a strong family history of breast cancer shouldn’t be on the pill or any kind of hormones.

By and large, being on the pill has more benefits than adverse effects.

Q5- What are some myths about botox and laser treatments that you’d like to debunk? 

The common myth about botox is that once you get botox, you don’t have to go for it again. That is not true! The official word is that it lasts  4 months but once the effect wears off , you’ll probably need a second injection. It’s not a bad thing. It’s actually a good thing, because if you did botox and for some reason thought you didn’t like it, you can get it redone in a way that you’d like. The other myth is about lasers. People think that lasers is a one-time treatment as well.It’s usually not. Most skin conditions require several sessions before you actually see your final result. When people go for laser treatments , they must be aware of the fact that there’s no instant cure.

You can’t just zap something  and expect it to disappear. Aesthetic medicine doesn’t work that way.


ngDr Christopher Ng is a multi-faceted physician in the domain of women’s health.He complements his core OB/GYN practice with his expertise in aesthetic and rejuvenation medicine. To learn more about him or book an appointment visit his DocDoc profile.

At the Doc’s Office With Dr Christopher Ng

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