Shopping for a Skintastic Makeover? IDS Clinic Is Your New One-Stop Shop

Flawless celebrities gracing magazine covers induce one passive reaction from most people: “Ah well, if I had an auto-refilling ATM balance, I would probably go in for one of those expensive, unpronounceable procedures and abracadabra my way towards a va-va-voom look.”

If you’re among “most people” here’s some news for you: There’s a plan B. And it goes by the name of “Innovative Dermatological Solutions.”

image 1

The DocDoc team was recently invited to the pre-opening launch of IDS Clinic – a lavish event that attracted the who’s who of the beauty blogosphere in Singapore. Twenty minutes into the event, we decided that the plush clinic was by no standards just another new kid on the aesthetics block, but in fact, a breeding ground for the next skincare revolution set to take the Singapore market by storm.

The Einstein, behind the world-class innovation that is IDS, is Dr SK Tan. If the name rings a bell, it’s with good reason. An internationally acclaimed pioneer in the aesthetics scene, he’s fondly nicknamed by some of his blogger fans as the “father of aesthetics,” thanks to his impressive repertoire of work.

Besides prescribing and being a part of hundreds of transformative skin care journeys, he actively participates in and contributes towards academic initiatives in the field of cosmeceuticals.He had recently invested his expertise in co-editing the “Handbook of Cosmetic Microbiology”, a reference book published by Marcel Dekker.

Dr Tan’s welcome speech had us hanging onto his every word as he took us through his three-decade-long passionate journey in his field of interest that finally found a culminating point in his best work yet: IDS

He garnered unanimous nods of approval when he claimed that people didn’t have to go down the invasive route and break into a bank vault for expensive procedures, unless absolutely necessary. According to him, investing in quality skincare and a consistent skin care routine is your best bet for sustainable and “real” results.

image 2

A myth being busted is always a pleasure to witness and his no-nonsense expert claim was no different.

The IDS skincare range, which boasts several patent-pending concoctions, is backed by evidence-based science and results-oriented novelty. There’s a skin elixir for every skin woe. In other words, there’s something for everyone. The clinic is adamantly against one-size-fits-all solutions and that’s why they encourage that you get a thorough skin analysis so your treatment plan can be customized to a tee.

Now we feel bad about having used the word “clinic” all along because there was nothing clinical about its décor. With a spa-like ambience, visitors get to indulge and be effectively treated at the same time – how about that? Inviting, eh?

IDS Clinic Waiting Area 2

Now that you made it to the end of this post (why, thank you!), here’s your goodie :  You can avail yourself of a free skincare consultation and a 10% discount on all IDS skincare products, before May 30. Woot!

Just remember to book your appointment via DocDoc.Happy makeover shopping guys! Do let us know how your experience was.

Oh and happy Friday too!

Shopping for a Skintastic Makeover? IDS Clinic Is Your New One-Stop Shop

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