Physician Tan on the Healing Wisdom of Ancient China


To the everyday cappuccino-sipper, pill-popper, and microwave chef, the words “traditional” and “Chinese medicine” must have a mystic allure about them. They would conjure up images of bodies being poked and prodded, tea bags, dried herbs and small glass cups — a curious, raw world we’re quite alienated from.

To many of us “everyday” people, being recommended to consume lotus root as opposed to cough syrup is akin to…um… being asked to milk a cow than visit a grocery that sells flavoured milk. If you’re among “many of us,” it’s high time you opened your senses to the true goodness of traditional wisdom that encourages natural and holistic maintenance of health. Today, traditional Chinese medicine is an institutionalized healing system, standing tall and proud next to modern medical sciences, across the globe.

So, how does this ancient practice work? Traditional Chinese Medicine takes care of health holistically, and views your body as an integrated whole, as well as being connected to nature. Therefore, TCM sees a close connection between health and air, food, and environment and advocates that everyone is born with a self-healing ability.

Over the years, several myths and a limited understanding of its scope have unfortunately plagued traditional Chinese medicine.

According to Physician Tan Shiau Tse of Heritage® TCM Clinic, “Many people believe that though TCM is effective and safe, it takes a longer time to see results as the practice focuses on the root causes of the problem. However, this may not necessarily be true. In fact, TCM cures can be very fast if the illness is diagnosed accurately and treated accordingly.”

Think the wonders of Traditional Chinese Medicine can only be used to zap away your cold, cough, flu and body aches? Think again. TCM also has been proven useful for weight loss and anti-aging.

Physician Tan claims that TCM treats weight loss by targeting the root cause of the problem and hence is an effective way to address weight issues using acupuncture, Chinese herbs or cupping. These TCM methods help improve a person’s metabolism, curb excessive appetite, enhance breaking down of fat cells and get rid of water retention in the body. TCM can be used to complement a person’s weight-management programme that incorporates a regular exercise regimen and sensible diet.

As far as anti-aging goes, from a TCM standpoint, the outer appearance of a person is a reflection of the inner condition of his/her body. In other words for women to stay young, Physician Tan advises that they take proper care of their body by consuming sufficient nourishment, balancing the yin and yang of the body, keeping the body well-hydrated and keeping away from unnecessary emotional stress. She also recommends certain TCM herbs that have anti-aging properties such as green tea, Chinese wolfberries and Ginseng.

All in all, traditional Chinese medicine is a healing system based on checks and balances and offers the most powerful journey of reclaiming the body, mind and spirit throughout life. The natural way, of course.

And that is why Heritage® TCM Clinic proudly sports, “Keep your life in balance” as its motto.

Watch DocDoc’s full interview with Physician Tan Shiau in the video below.

Physician Tan on the Healing Wisdom of Ancient China

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