Write For Us

We have a neat website. So, why start a DocDoc blog?

We’re glad you asked. : )

When we started DocDoc, our mission was to transform lives by empowering healthcare in Asia.

Our aim with this social space is threefold:

1) Help patients get better acquainted with doctors in Singapore

2) Promote healthy lifestyle choices and provide the motivation to keep up with them. (If you have McDonalds on your speed dial, take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone!).

3) Offer an inside peek into our resources (read: the brains, the hearts and the muscles behind DocDoc) and interesting developments out of Singapore’s largest healthcare portal. You’ll hear almost everything about us here first.

Now, if  you’re a health nut and/or a healthcare professional who has signed up with DocDoc, you could write for us on a wide variety of topics pertaining to health and wellness that fall within any of the following categories:

a) Emotional

b) Physical

c) Mental

d) Spiritual

e) Social

f) Environmental

So go ahead and contribute anything you deem health-oriented: condition-specific articles, how-to articles, travel tips, workout motivation tips, simplified recipies, glorified recipies, healthy eating tips, recommendations for healthy/organic restaurants, skin care tips, your grandma’s remedies, relationship advice, reviews on health apps, fun health facts, zen habits and so on.

Here’s what you need to know before you open your word document :

1) Please stay under 800 words. Keep it simple, worthwhile and relevant. And well, a little fun/humour never killed anybody.

2) Your submission(s) should be orginal work. No borrowed content. No plagiarism. Thank you very much.

3) If you want to send us infographics, fun videos, posters or memes , go ahead and knock yourself out. We’re open to any types of content.

4) If you have your own wacky writing style, good for you! But your submissions will undergo strict editorial review to conform to our content production standards.

5) Please include relevant references if you did some research. We believe in giving credit where it is due.

6) Do remember to provide us with your contact details :

–  If you’re a healthcare professional signed up with DocDoc, we would need your full name, specialisation and practice name.

–  If you’re  NOT a healthcare professional signed up with DocDoc, give us a short bio along with your full name and contact details . Feel free to add a link to your blog/site.

7) At this point, we don’t compensate contributors. But hey, we’re giving you exposure and allowing you to do your share towards creating a healthier, happier world! How about that?

8) Please email your contributions to editor@docdoc.com.

9) Upon completion of editing, your contribution will be published on a date set by the editor and you will be notified within 24 hrs of publishing.

Be a part of our burgeoning community. Do your share!